Major Advising


Major Advising

For your first two years at Barnard, you will work with the faculty adviser who was assigned to you the summer before your first year. This adviser, along with your class dean, will help you find the information you need to make numerous choices each semester and to think about those choices in light of your short-term and long-term goals. These first two years are the time for you to explore our curriculum and research opportunities in addition to meeting current majors, faculty, and staff so that you can determine whether one of our four majors is right for you.

When you declare a Biology major toward the end of your sophomore year, you will choose a faculty adviser who will guide you through the remainder of your time at Barnard and assist you as you choose the advanced coursework in our department. Students who choose to double major will have two major advisers, one in each field. In our department, students directly contact a faculty member whose research interests (in the table below) are most in line with their own to ask whether they are accepting new advisees. A student’s choice must then be approved and their major declaration form signed by the Chair.

Faculty Member


Research Interests

Bauer, Elizabeth

Neural mechanisms underlying emotional memory

Callahan, Hilary

Ecological genetics

Glendinning, John

Chemical senses, ingestive behavior, food likes and dislikes

Lopatkin, Allison

Antibiotic resistance, bacterial evolution, &  computational modeling

Mansfield, Jennifer

Developmental genetics & vertebrate development

Miranda, JJ

Genome organization of human viruses associated with cancer

Morton, Brian

Evolution of plastid DNA

Pischedda, Alison

Evolutionary genetics & animal behavior

Snow, Jonathan

Cellular stress responses of the honey bee



Below you will find documents that will guide you through our course listing options for majors each semester and help ensure that you are on track to complete your chosen major concentration. General questions can also be directed to the department administrator. Be sure to check our Course Listings FAQ and Major Requirements FAQ for the most commonly asked advising questions.

Advising Documents

Senior Majors' Checklists

Due by the end of the program planning period of the semester you are graduating, the following checklists will guide you in ensuring that you have satisfied all Biology major/minor requirements.

General Biology Majors' Checklist
Cellular & Molecular Majors' Checklist
Physiological & Organismal Majors' Checklist
Ecological & Evolutionary Majors' Checklist
Biology Minor Checklist

Submit the completed checklist to Melissa Flores ( either electronically or in person to the 12th floor office (1203 Altschul). The completed checklists will be shared with the Chair for a major's degree audit.

For the spring 2021 semester, checklists are due by midnight on Monday, January 25th.

Students on the second floor of Milstein chatting and students going up stairs

Program Planning Packets

Program Planning gives students an opportunity to meet with faculty to ask questions regarding the upcoming semester's courses in addition to any general questions about the major, minor, and undergraduate research. The packet below sums up major and minor requirements, and outlines how research can be used to fulfill the major.

Program Planning (Spring 2021)

Questions about courses? Contact the department administrator, Melissa Flores (