Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Holiday Party (Fall 2023)

Honey Extraction (Fall 2023)

Guest Seminar with Dr. Ishmail Abdus-Saboor (Fall 2023)

Biology Fair (Fall 2023)

Guest Seminar with Dr. Sofia Prado-Irwin (Fall 2023)

Senior Sendoff (Spring 2023)

Research Symposium (Spring 2023)

Majors' Toast (Spring 2023)

Guest Seminar with Dr. Fred Chang (Spring 2023)

Program Planning Meeting (Spring 2023)

Guest Seminar with Dr. Melissa Davis (Spring 2023)

Holiday Party (Fall 2022)

Honey Extraction (Fall 2022)

Biology Fair (Fall 2022)

Guest Seminar with Dr. Yalda Moayedi (Fall 2022)





Guest Seminar with Dr. Jessica Ware

Senior Brunch (Spring 2019)

Research Symposium (Spring 2019)

Coffee Hour (Spring 2019)

Program Planning (Spring 2019)

Biology Program Planning (Fall 2018)

Honey Extraction (Fall 2018)

Guest Seminars in Organismal and Physiological Biology

Guest Seminars in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Holiday Party (Fall 2018)

Coffee Break

SRI Picnic In The Park (Spring 2019)






Biology Research Symposium

Research Symposium 2023

This symposium is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the exemplary work of our Guided Research & Seminar and Senior Thesis Research & Seminar students. To learn more about the 2023 symposium, click the link below. Otherwise, scroll to read more on past research symposiums.


Research Symposium 2022

Research Symposium 2021

Research Symposium 2020

Research Symposium 2019

Annual Honey Extraction

For the past few years, the Biology Department has hosted an annual honey extraction led by Professor Snow. In Fall 2019, students submitted designs for pins handed out at the event.