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Undergraduate Research in Biology

We strongly encourage students to get involved in research during the summer, academic year, or both. For many students, research is one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences at Barnard. When unpaid research is conducted during the academic year, students can receive academic credit for working in a laboratory at Barnard or anywhere else in New York City. Research can be conducted during any (or all) semesters of the major, and during the summer. 

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Research Corner

Summer Mini Grant Recipient Updates

Our summer grant recipients—Hannah Prensky, Tamima Sultana, Isabella Villa Real Seabra, and Vivian Zhao—update us on how their summer research projects are going.

Research Corner

Meet the New Faces on the 10th Floor!

Today, we sat down to chat with the two new faces on the 10th floor of Altschul: Mehrose Ahmad (BC '21) and Corey Marshalleck. As lab technicians for Professors Allison Lopatkin and Jon Snow respectively, Mehrose and Corey discuss research, mentorship, and life outside of Altschul.

Staff Spotlight: Abigail Gutierrez (BC '20)

Today we sit down with Laboratory Specialist and Class of 2020 alum, Abigail Gutierrez, to discuss her work in the lab of Professor Alison Pischedda.

Student Spotlight: Tiffany Vo

Today we sat down with Summer Research Institute (SRI) participant and research assistant, Tiffany Vo, to talk about research and why representation in STEM is so important.

Research Corner

A Summer of Research: Meet Our Summer 2021 Grant Recipients

Each year, our department funds innovative summer research projects thanks to the Donald and Nancy Ritchie, Edna Henry Bennett, Maura Shannon Barrett, and Herbert Maule Richards grants. Here, we introduce this year's recipients of these grants and their summer projects: Hannah Prensky, Tamima Sultana, Isabella Villa Real Seabra, and Vivian Zhao.

Faculty News

Professor JJ Miranda Publishes New Research on Repurposing Nitroxoline as a Possible Treatment for Tumor Growth

In this article, Professor Miranda, Rondeau ’18, and Ibáñez de Garayo ’20 — who contributed significantly as part of her senior thesis research — investigate “rational repurposing,” which is the repurposing of currently used drugs for new treatments after uncovering new molecular activities within them.

Alums in the Spotlight: Sophia Liu and Alice Sardarian

Biology alums Sophia Liu and Alice Sardarian sit down with us to discuss their summer 2020 publication and how research at Barnard prepared them for life beyond the 117th street gates.

Faculty News

Professor JJ Miranda Publishes New Research on Kaposi Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus

This research investigates the genetic makeup of Kaposi Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV), a form of the herpes virus which is usually latent, meaning it lies dormant in the body until encountering circumstances that allow it to be expressed.

Research Corner

Staff Spotlight: Dr. Louise Urien

A postdoctoral fellow in the Bauer Lab, Dr. Louise Urien joins us today to discuss her work and what it's like to be a part of the Bauer lab.

Student Spotlight: Meet Hannah Prensky (BC '22)

Today, Hannah Prensky (BC '22) joins us to discuss her contributions to research on the importance of conjugation dynamics as well as what it's like to work as a research assistant under the guidance of Professor Allison Lopatkin.

Faculty News

Professor John Glendinning Publishes New Research on the Taste System

On March 30, biological sciences professor John Glendinning published new research in the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology.


Testing the Waters

A year after COVID-19 became a national emergency, a campus-run project to monitor coronavirus in wastewater is part of a multi-pronged effort to keep the community safe during the pandemic.


Professor Allison Lopatkin Publishes a Paper on Gene Mutations

The paper builds on the research Lopatkin conducts in her lab, which aims to understand how microbial populations develop resistance and how to combat those mutations.

Meet the Lab Techs in Altschul!

Today, Olivia Anastasio, Lena Kogan (BC '19), Abby Ryckman (BC '18), and Nicole Rondeau (BC '18) join us to discuss what drives them as scientists and who they are outside of Altschul.


Keeping Bee-sy

In celebration of National Honey Bee Day (August 15), Professor Jonathan Snow chats with two mentees about the art of Barnard beekeeping, their buzziest facts, and more.


For the Love of Research

Three Beckman Scholars share their passion for STEM, Barnard mentors, and whether the pandemic has shifted their research focus.