2023 Summer grant recipients

2023 Summer grant recipients

Meet Nadia Alhassani

Nadia, a Herbert Maule Richards Grant recipient, studies the composition of fungi in tropical tree leaves with the Zalamea Lab.

Meet Asstan Cisse

Asstan, a Donald & Nancy Ritchie and the Herbert Maule Richards grant recipient, studies plant pollination interactions with the Eaton Lab.

Meet Lily Davenport

Lily, an Edna Henry Bennet and Donald & Nancy Ritchie grant recipient, studies mountain lions with the Living with Lions project.

Meet Ellie Kimura

Ellie, a Maura Shannon Barrett Internships grant recipient, studies the molecular mechanisms of cricket feeding behavior with the Nagata Lab.

Meet Rebecca Wernick

Rebecca, a Maura Shannon Barrett Internships grant recipient, studies IBD surgical recovery programs at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Meet Kristi Xing

Kristi, recipient of the Maura Shannon Barrett Internships grant, studies AI models for protein structure, interaction, and function with the Ellington lab.

About the Biology Department Summer Grants

Each summer, the biology department funds student research outside of NYC with the help of generous donors. Students may apply in the spring.