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Biology at Barnard

The mission of the Biology major is to provide students with a broad education in biology. To this end, students are offered a range of lecture courses that span the molecular, physiological, and ecological levels of organization. Students also complete laboratory courses that help them learn how to design and test hypotheses, use cutting edge equipment, and interpret data.

Who We Are

The Biology Department faculty and staff aim to provide students with a rigorous biological education in a supportive environment across the many areas of biology in which we specialize. We aim to help students develop scientific literacy through our lecture and laboratory courses as well as through well-rounded research experiences. By supporting faculty and student research, our department provides students with the opportunity to synthesize co-authored, peer-reviewed scientific publications. 

(From left to right: Henry Truong, JJ Miranda, Paul Hertz, Alison Pischedda, John Glendinning, Jessica Goldstein, Basil Perkins, Abby Ryckman, Jen Mansfield, Melissa Flores, Jon Snow, Elizabeth Bauer, James Casey, Hilary Callahan, and Nick Gershberg. Not pictured: Phil Ammirato, Diana Heller, Brian Morton, Colin Flanagan, Nicole Rondeau, Louise Urien, and Niki Williams)

Curriculum & Courses

Learn more about our course offerings for the upcoming academic year! We hosted program planning events Jul 21st – 24th to answer student questions. Email the department administrator, Melissa Flores ( for the recording(s) if you missed us! 

Research Corner

Ahead of Antibiotic Awareness Week, we sat down with Dr. Allison Lopatkin and discussed antibiotic resistance, computational biology, and mentorship.

Upcoming Events

Seminar & Coffee Hour Speaker Series

Dr. Suneeta Krishnan | CORE Net: Leveraging Team Science Principles for a Coherent Research Response to COVID-19 in India

Seminar & coffee hour links will be made available to those who RSVP. This event is open to all interested Barnard & Columbia students.

Coffee Hour: Friday, October 23rd | 11 am EST


Program Planning Meeting

Friday, October 31st | 4:00 pm EST

Email Melissa Flores ( for the Zoom details. 

Seminar & Coffee Hour Speaker Series

Dr. Brandon Ogbunu | E x Everything Interactions: From Protein Evolution to Indirect Transmission in Modern Epidemics

Seminar & coffee hour links will be made available to those who RSVP. This event is open to all interested Barnard & Columbia students.

Coffee Hour: Monday, November 23rd | 11 am EST


Want to join the Barnard Dept of Biological Sciences? We're hiring a part time Research Assistant (Pischedda Lab) and full-time Lab Technician (Mansfield Lab)! Read more by clicking the link below! 

Undergraduate Research

The culmination of a year-long research project by students enrolled in Guided Research & Seminar and Senior Thesis Research, this year's Symposium will showcase the work of 20 students presenting their findings across biological disciplines. On Zoom, seniors will give 15-minute thesis presentations in the morning, followed by Guided Research students presenting posters in a virtual session in the afternoon. On Wednesday, May 6th, the program containing all Zoom links will be live at the link below. 

Undergraduate Research

We strongly encourage students to get involved in research during the summer, academic year, or both.  For many students, research is one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences at Barnard. In the summer, many students participate in the Summer Research Institute (SRI) and receive a stipend for their work, while during the academic year, they receive credit for their work.


Biology professor JJ Miranda counts on teamwork to research the mysteries of cancer-causing viruses. 

Student Spotlight

On the heels of winning the Charles H. Turner Award from the Animal Behavior Society, Sinclair shares how neuroscience combines her love for the humanities and the sciences.