Ellie Kimura, 2023 summer grant recipient

Meet Ellie Kimura

Ellie studies the molecular mechanisms of cricket feeding behavior with the Nagata Lab, part of the Molecular Recognition Laboratory. Ellie is a recipient of the Maura Shannon Barrett Internships grant. Here, she introduces her research.

Ellie dissects crickets and analyzes insulin-like peptide expression in Tokyo

Ellie updates us on her summer research experience.

Ellie's Summer Takeaways

Ellie discusses her findings from her research project, Changes in Feeding Behavior Induced by Insulin-Like Peptides in Gryllus bimaculatus, and the challenges and benefits of conducting to research in a different country.

2023 Summer grant recipients

Barnard biology students study tree leaf fungi, pollination, mountain lions, the endocrine system, IBD patient recovery, and AI models.