Asstan Cisse, summer 2023 grant recipient

Meet Asstan Cisse

Asstan studies interspecific pollination interactions, where pollen from one species is deposited on the flower of another species, with the Eaton lab. Asstan is a recipient of the Donald & Nancy Ritchie and Herbert Maule Richards grants. Here, she introduces her research.

Asstan cross-pollinates and maps flower populations in the Colorado Rockies

Asstan updates us on her summer research experience.

Asstan's Summer Takeaways

Asstan "(bids) farewell to the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado," presents her findings at a poster session, and makes plans to continue in the Eaton lab next year.

2023 Summer grant recipients

Barnard biology students study tree leaf fungi, pollination, mountain lions, the endocrine system, IBD patient recovery, and AI models.