Laboratory Specialist Abigail I. Gutierrez

Abigail Gutierrez

Biology Department Staff




911 Altschul Hall


Laboratory Specialist | Introductory Biology

Abigail I. Gutierrez recently joined the Barnard Department of Biological Sciences as an instructor for the introductory biology labs along with administrative duties that follow the BIOL BC1500-level lecture series. Abigail, who refers to herself as Abby, graduated with the Constance Von Wahl Prize in May 2020 with a degree in Biology from Barnard College.

As an undergraduate student, she conducted research in the Pischedda Lab where she studied the effects of sexual selection on male fitness. She was also part of the HEOP Scholars’ Program while at Barnard, joining their Advisory Board and consequently Mentorship Program. While juggling her coursework, Abby was also an Upper-Level Lab TA for BIOL BC3321 Lab in Microbiology, BIOL BC2281 Lab in Animal Behavior, and BIOL BC3303 Lab in Molecular Biology.

  • BIOL BC1500 Introduction to Organismal & Evolutionary Biology (Staff TA)
  • BIOL BC1501 Introductory Lab in Organismal & Evolutionary Biology
  • BIOL BC1502 Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology (Staff TA)
  • BIOL BC1503 Introductory Lab in Cell & Molecular Biology
  • BIOL BC1510 BIOL BC1500 Discussion
  • BIOL BC1512 BIOL BC1502 Discussion

In The News

Today we sit down with Laboratory Specialist and Class of 2020 alum, Abigail Gutierrez, to discuss her work in the lab of Professor Alison Pischedda.

September 7, 2021