Dr. Resetarits in the field searching for California horn snails

Emlyn Resetarits

Assistant Professor of Biology




1014 Altschul Hall



The Resetarits Parasite Lab is focused on putting parasites into a community and ecosystem context. We study parasites communities across multiple scales of organization, from host individuals, to host populations, to entire ecosystems. By combining field surveys, dissections, mesocosms, and lab and field experimentation, our research provides insight into host-parasite interactions, local adaptation, behavioral ecology, and community ecology. 

The Resetarits lab will be investigating variation in infection, immunology, and genetics in the Eastern Mudsnail, Ilyanassa obsoleta. This work will entail conducting field work in estuaries across the East Coast (from ME to FL), dissecting hosts to look at infection prevalence and intensity, sequencing host populations, conducting immunity assays, and starting lab-reared colonies.