Diana T. and P. Roy Vagelos Professor of Chemistry and Department of Chemistry chair Rachel Austin recently had two papers accepted for publication.

The first, titled "Au/TiO2-Catalyzed Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation on Morphologically Precise Anatase Nanoparticles," was published in March 2021 in the 13th volume of the interdisciplinary journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Co-authored by Austin, current senior Maya Hoffman ’21, and recent alumnae Aisha Oza ’20 and Janine Sempel ’20, the paper provides an in-depth study of the efficacy of Au nanoparticles on TiO2 compound as catalysts for selective oxidation reactions.

Allison Lopatkin and Christina Vizcarra (side by side headshots)
From left, Allison Lopatkin and Christina Vizcarra

In June 2021, the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry will publish Austin's second article, in collaboration with fellow Barnard faculty Christina Vizcarra, assistant professor of chemistry, and Allison Lopatkin, assistant professor of biological sciences. The article, "Investigation of the Prevalence and Catalytic Activity of Rubredoxin-fused Alkane Monooxygenases (AlkBs)," was also co-authored with Beckman Scholars Shoshana Williams ’20 and Juliet Lee ’21 and Segal Fellow Allison Forsberg ’20, in which they examine the distribution and catalyst power of rubredoxin-fused alkane monooxygenases (AlkBs) and draw on previous research on the mass classification of AlkBs.