Headshot of Professor Jon Snow
Professor Jonathan Snow

On June 12, 2023, Professor Jon Snow earned a National Science Foundation grant for Organismal Systems and Infection Biology (OSIB) and for Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI). Professor Snow insightfully applies flow cytometry to study the life cycle of Nosema ceranae, a pathogenic fungus, in honey bees. Here is an overview of his proposal:

"Some microbial pathogens infecting humans (and other animals important to human activities, such as honey bees) are hard to study because of their complex life cycles, in which cells of many different life stages occur inside the cells of their hosts. In other areas of biology, a technique called flow cytometry has been used to identify and separate cells of different types from a complex mixture based on differential staining. We have evidence that we can use this technique to measure and isolate different life stages of a specific parasite that infects honey bees and negatively impacts colony health. In the work funded by this proposal, we will use this technique to better understand host and parasite factors that influence the production of different life stages with distinct characteristics and impacts on the health of the host and spread of infection between hosts. Use of this novel tool will increase our knowledge of the basic biology of this parasite, as well as other related pathogens that infect humans, to help treat infections by these parasites. In addition, this approach may be adapted for learning about other types of microbes." (Jonathan Snow, Ph.D.)

Check out the award information and abstract here:

OSIB:RUI: Elucidating the cell biology and developmental regulation of sporogenesis and spore dimorphism in the microsporidia Nosema ceranae using a novel flow cytometry approach

Congratulations to Professor Snow and the Snow Lab!