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Biology at Barnard

Biology explores the structure, function, and evolution of diverse living systems. It addresses some of the most important issues of our time—genetic engineering, stem cell research, obesity, cancer, and the effects of global warming. A background in biology applies to careers in research, teaching, medicine, public health, environmental policy, biotechnology, law, public health, writing, and more.

The biology department aims to provide students with a broad education in biology. Students take a range of lecture courses that span the molecular, physiological, and ecological levels of organization and complete laboratory courses in which they design and test hypotheses, use cutting edge equipment, and interpret data. We encourage students to participate in research throughout their time at Barnard.

Curriculum & Courses

Barnard offers a biology major and a biology minor. Biology majors choose one of five tracks: general, cellular and molecular, physiological and organismal, ecological and evolutionary, or computational biology.

Faculty & Staff

The Biology Department faculty and staff offer students a rigorous biological education across many specializations in a supportive environment. We help students develop scientific literacy through lecture and laboratory courses and well-rounded research experiences. Our department supports faculty and student research, providing students with the opportunity to synthesize co-authored, peer-reviewed scientific publications.

When a student chooses to pursue the biology major, they are assigned a biology faculty advisor.

Undergraduate Research

Barnard biology students participate in research during the academic year, over the summer, or both. For many students, research is one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences at Barnard. In the summer, many students participate in the Summer Research Institute (SRI) and receive a stipend for their work, while during the academic year, they receive academic credit.

DEI Working Group

The Barnard Biology Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group (DEIWG) is a coalition of students, alumni, faculty, and staff dedicated to advancing inclusivity within the biology department.

Departmental Listserv

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