Research Opportunities

Research in New York City

We strongly encourage students to get involved in research during the summer, academic year, or both.  For many students, research is one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences at Barnard.  Note that you can receive credit for working in a laboratory at Barnard or anywhere else in New York City during the academic year as long as you are not also receiving payment for your work.

To assist you in identifying a research project, we can offer several suggestions:

  • Attend program planning meetings.  We will discuss the process of selecting a mentor and thesis topic.
  • Meet with the Chair of the Biology Department, or your advisor (assuming s/he is a Biology faculty), and discuss your interests, goals, or ideas.
  • Explore this website.  We have provided advice about when and where to conduct research and how to obtain financial support over the summer.

You can become involved in biology research during any (or all) of your semesters at Barnard.

  1. Where Can I Do Research? 
  2. How Do I Get Credit for Research? 
  3. Funding for Research