Related Departments and Majors

Barnard College

At Barnard, three majors provide students with the opportunity for an interdepartmental approach to their studies in Biology. 

Neuroscience and Behavior

This major is run jointly by faculty in the Departments of Biology and Psychology.  It provides a strong background in the biological underpinnings of behavior and cognition. 

Environmental Biology

This major is run jointly by faculty in the Departments of Biology and Environmental Science.  It examines the interactions between living and non-living components of the environment, and how human activities alter these interactions.


This major is run by faculty in the Department of Chemistry, but incorporates biology courses.  It examines the chemical processes in living organisms. 

Columbia University

The following three Columbia departments each offer upper-level undergraduate courses that count towards the Biology major or minor at Barnard.  See your major advisor and the associate chair for details.

Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B)
Department of Psychology


Please note: Barnard’s Biology 1500-level series is the most appropriate pre-requisite for our biology major and minor. 

To pursue research for academic credit, Barnard students may work with faculty at Barnard, Columbia, or any other educational institution within the city but they must have an internal advisor at Barnard. Students may not receive credit for research that is paid.