Paul Hertz

Professor of Biological Sciences

Paul E. Hertz, professor of biological sciences, joined the Barnard faculty in 1979. Professor Hertz's research interests center on animal physiological ecology and evolution, reptile ecology and behavior, and herpetology. His focus on reptiles is motivated by the opportunity they provide for studying adaptation to spatial and temporal variations in the physical environment.

His paper "Behavioral Drive Versus Behavioral Inertia in Evolution: A Null Model Approach," co-authored with R. B. Huey and B. Sinervo, received the President's Award for Best Publication in the American Naturalist in 2003.

Selected Publications

Biology: The Dynamic Science, with P. J. Russell, et al. (Cengage/Brooks-Cole, 2008)

"Behavioral Drive Versus Behavioral Inertia in Evolution: A Null Model Approach" (with R. B. Huey and B. Sinervo), American Naturalist 161 (2003)

"Niche Lability in the Evolution of a Caribbean Lizard Community" (with J. B. Losos, et al.), Nature 423 (2003)

"Thermoregulation in a Lacertid Lizard: The Relative Contributions of Distinct Behavioral Mechanisms" (with D. Bauwens and A. Castilla), Ecology 77 (1996)

"The Influence of Light Intensity and Temperature on Microhabitat Selection in Anolis Lizards" (with L. J. Fleishman, and C. Armsby), Functional Ecology 8 (1994)

"Evaluating Temperature Regulation by Field Active Ectotherms: The Fallacy of the Inappropriate Question" (with R. B. Huey and R. D. Stevenson), American Naturalist 142 (1993)

"Temperature Regulation in Puerto Rican Anolis Lizards: A Field Test Using Null Hypotheses," Ecology 73 (1992)

"Evaluating Thermal Resource Partitioning by Sympatric Lizards Anolis Cooki and A. Cristatellus: A Field Test Using Null Hypotheses," Oecologia 90 (1992)

"Homage to Santa Anita: Thermal Sensitivity of Sprint Speed in Agamid Lizards" (with R. B. Huey and E. Nevo), Evolution 37 (1983)

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Vertebrate physiological ecology

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B.S., Stanford University

M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University

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