Select Barnard College students majoring in biology, chemistry, and neuroscience and behavior will continue to have the opportunity to participate in fully funded, supervised research through the prestigious Beckman Scholars Program award. As a result, the program initiated in 2015 will continue through 2021. Barnard is one of 12 institutions receiving the award this year funded by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.


“Beckman and Barnard share a belief that well-mentored undergraduates can make early—and brilliant—contributions to research, says Program Director Hilary Callahan, the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Biology. “Another Beckman Scholars Award challenges students and mentors alike to continue and even exceed our existing ambition and excellence.”


Beckman Scholars will be part of a distinguished group of undergraduate science students from across the United States who have been singled out for their brilliance and potential in scientific research. Scholars participate in a 15-month experience—for two summers and one academic year—and each scholar is provided continuous and generous financial support that includes research, publication, and travel to conferences. Each scholar is mentored by a faculty mentor from their respective science department. Faculty mentors furnish hands-on guidance and support throughout.


Previous Barnard Beckman Scholars included Alyson Dennis '19, a biology major who is investigating the cephalic phase insulin response or CPIR in Professor John Glendinning’s lab; Yonina Frim '17, a biology major graduate who worked in the Glendinning lab on a study of Type II Diabetes and the role of cephalic-phase insulin release; Jenny Lam '18, a chemistry major working with Professor Christian Rojas, focusing on synthesizing small sugar molecules to serve as "handles” for larger molecules, aiming to increase their medicinal effectiveness; and Amen Wiqas '18, who worked in Professor Rae Silver's chemistry lab on the role of mast cells, a type of immune cell, and the effect of zinc, on the normal and pathological function of mammalian brains.


More information about these scholars, faculty, mentors, and how to apply to be a scholar can be found here.