Fulfilling the GER with Biology

What Biology courses can I use to complete the GER?

You can complete the Lab Science requirement with Biology with any one of the following sets of courses:

1. BIOL BC1001x then BIOL BC1002y 

2. BIOL BC1001x then BIOL BC1500+1501x 

3. BIOL BC1001x then BIOL BC1502+1503y 

4. BIOL BC1500+1501x and BIOL BC1502+1503y

Do I need to take the Biology courses in a particular order?

The 1000-level Biology must be taken in order (fall, then spring).  Students who take 1001 in the fall, can choose to continue with 1002 in the spring (to fulfill the Lab Science GER) or move to 1502/3 in the spring (to fulfill Biology/Neuroscience major and/or pre-health requirements).  The 1001 course, combined with either 1500-level course (fall or spring) will fulfill the Lab Science GER.
The 1500-level Biology courses can be taken in any order (you can start with the fall OR the spring course first).

What Biology courses should I use to complete the GER if I am Pre-Health?

Pre-Health students MUST take the complete 1500-level Biology sequence to fulfill the pre-health requirement. If you feel that you have a weak Biology background you should speak to a member of the Biology department about taking BIOL BC1001x as preparation for the 1500-level series.

I received AP or IB credit for Biology. How do I complete the GER?

If you receive AP or IB credit in Biology then you are exempt from BIOL BC1001 (if you take this course you will lose your AP credit) and can complete the science GER either by taking BIOL BC1002y only or by taking one of the 1500-level lab/lecture courses. For the Biology Major and to fulfill the Pre-Health requirements you still need to take the full BIOL BC1500-level Introductory Biology sequence (fall and spring).

I received AP or IB credit for Biology but my Psychology major requires two semesters of lab. What Biology course can I take to complete the Psychology major requirement?

The Biology department accepts AP credit plus BIOL BC1002y for the Lab Science GER; however, the Psychology department may not accept this sequence for the Lab Science requirement for their majors. Therefore, you should speak to a member of the Psychology Department about your options. Our recommendation is that you take the complete 1500-level series, but you also have the option of taking BIOL BC1001x plus BIOL BC1002y.

What about experiments on animals?

There are no dissections or experiments that harm animals in either 1000-level laboratory course.  Therefore, it is possible to complete the Science GER with BC1001 followed by BC1002 and not do any invasive or harmful experiments on animals.