Introductory Lab FAQ


Tell me about lab.

The lab is 3 hours long and meets once a week. You will perform activities that complement the material you are learning about in lecture.

For the 1500 level labs, there is a 50-minute recitation section that accompanies the lab that meets either on Monday mornings the week of lab or Friday afternoons the week before lab. The lecture and the lab are separate courses and you must take them during the same semester.

Where does lab meet?

Labs will meet on the 9th floor of Altschul (Room 907 for 1000-level labs; Rooms 912 or 913 for 1500-level labs). On the first day of lab, an attendance sheet will be posted on the door.

When do labs start?

Labs begin on the first Monday of classes (first full week of school). You must attend the first lab.  If you are absent from the lab, you will be dropped from the course and your spot will be filled.

How do I sign up for lab if I'm a first-year student?

You will be placed into a lab section over the summer by the first-year class dean.  You should see the lab section in your schedule of classes in mybarnard.

Can I change my lab section?

If the lab section you would like is already full, you may choose to add yourself to the wait-list as described on the Registrar website.  For additional questions regarding the wait-list function, please contact the Registrar.

General Lab Times Offered

Though lab times are subject to change, they are most commonly offered during the following times: 

Day Time
Monday 1pm - 4pm
Tuesday 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm
Wednesday 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm
Thursday 1pm-4pm
Friday 10am - 1pm