How do I get credit for research?

There are three courses that provide credit for research during the academic year.  Before signing up for any of these courses, however, you should examine the associated checklist:

  1. Guided Research (BIOL BC3597): This is a variable-credit one-semester course, which can be taken during any Fall or Spring semester.   Checklist 1
  2. Guided Research & Seminar (BIOL BC3591-BC3592): This is a year-long course. Enrollment fulfills two upper-level lab courses. This course is only available as a Fall-Spring sequence.   Checklist 2
  3. Senior Thesis Research (BIOL BC3593-BC3594): This is a year-long course, which must be taken during your senior year.  It can serve in lieu of the Senior Seminar requirement or a laboratory requirement for the Biology major (but not both). Checklist 3

Once you have decided on the correct course, complete the Project Approval Form (click here) and submit it to the Biology Office during the limited-enrollment sign-up period. 

Note: you cannot get credit for doing research during the summer.