Biology Senior Theses

Biology majors must complete either a Senior Seminar (BC 3590) or two semesters of Senior Thesis Research (BIOL BC3593x + 3594y). Students who choose to complete two semesters of Senior Thesis Research work with a faculty adviser on an independent project. Students then present their work at the end of their senior year in front of faculty, staff and students.

Biology Senior Theses Class of 2017

Student Thesis Title
Kayley You Mak Environmental and parental effects on slipper snail larval growth and survival
Ankeeta Shah The CLIP Toolkit (CTK):  a flexible and robust pipeline to analyze CLIP sequencing data
Shoshana Benjamin The underground above our heads:  bacterial community assembly on NYC green roofs
Amelia Baier The role of FGFR signaling in cutaneous Merkel Cell Carcinoma pathogensis
Yonina Frim Dietary carbohydrate content alters cephalic-phase insulin release and blood sugar control in mice
Sabrina Khan Development of a biolumninescent murine model of MRSA osteomyelitis
Sarah Chaudhry Defining the mechanisms by which different GAS-specific immune cell populations enter, accumulate and disseminate into the olfactory bulb and brain
Kai Purnell  The chaos after the storm:  how microbial communities respond to hurricane disturbance in Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Monica Kim Developmental effects of a non-canonical SERT population in mice on cognition and affect in adult mice
Nikki Stein Amygdala circuitry involved in the expression of contextual fear conditioning
Isabelle Holt Fungal community assembly on green roofs in New York City
Emma Ruskin Syndemic:  reversing the STEM achievement group gap through game based learning
Samantha Ong Distinct ventral hippocampal neurons in innate anxiety and learned fear
Gabriella Belnavis Hepatic FoxOs regulate HDL-mediated reverse cholesterol transport
Onanji Mijoso

Determining microbial community assembly patterns in relation to topography and land use history

Nicki Mohammadi Preempting Preeclampsia-Pathways underlying preeclampsia in Humans & Mice Models
Caroline Kikawa Characterization of Toll-like receptors in Drosophila Myc-induced cell competition